IELTS is used worldwide as a measure of English language proficiency for citizenship, Permanent Residence applications, immigration, skilled worker applications, university entrance requirements, Masters Degree programs, and other professional designations.

IELTS is an international Examination of English which means International English Language Testing System.

In IELTS a candidate has to undergo a comprehensive test which will have a seminal effect on all the requirements of English needed for a university Student and other purposes such as proof of your second language.

The IELTS is basically consisting of four modules which are Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.


The IELTS listening test takes approximately 30 minutes. The listening material is recorded on a cassette tape/ CD/ DVD which you will hear only once. At the end of the recorded material you will be given ten minutes to copy your answers in to the answer sheet.

The reading component consist of two parts one is Academic and other one is General, as mostly students opt for Academic the pattern is expounded below but in General IELTS the Candidate has to undergo easer reading session which are generally of lower standard.

The writing component consist of two parts one is Academic and other one is General, as mostly students opt for Academic pattern which is bit tough but in General IELTS the Candidate has to undergo Letter writing session. Task Two carries more weight in your final band score than Task One.

The IELTS speaking test takes around 11 to 15 minutes and is in the form of an interview. The interview will most probably seem like a friendly conversation which typically covers some aspects of your past, present and future situations. The questions mostly focus on you and your opinions.

The interview has four main sections:

some general questions about yourself

a discussion of topics of general interest

a role play / Cue Card

a discussion of your future plans


British Council Trained Instructor

Daily 4-Module Preparation

Weekly and regular Mock Exams

Student Centric Environment

Quality Assurance Highest Bands/Scores

Flexible Timings

Exclusive test, tips and techniques

Fully equipped language lab

Easy access of location

Air-conditioned Language labs


Our Specialty is Highest 8.5 Band (Achieved)

British National Teachers

Daily 3 Hours Session

Access to AEC Own Syllabus

Average score of AEC Students 7 Band



IELTS Max™: 8 Weeks: Rs. 16,000

This course is designed to cover all aspects of the exam. In first month we charge Rs. 9,000 & 2nd month is to be charged Rs. 7,000. In this course students will learn the IELTS exam pattern in detail. Nadeem Bsam, Mr. Farrukh, Shahzad Hussain are key instructions will be personally taught by our competent Mentor, including all possible types of questions that are asked in the exam and will provide you real Cambridge examination papers to solve. Authentic Cambridge audios for Listening. This course includes framing test-taking techniques for the exam. The pattern of the exam, common mistakes, typical questions, and often-repeated questions. Classes run 5 days a week Monday – Friday (Maximum Span: 30 Classes)

IELTS Expert™ 1-Week : Rs. 7,000

This course is for candidates who want IELTS Strategies and Techniques personally by our Expert Instructors to maximise their Band Score and do not wish to take the whole IELTS preparation course. This course will cover all 4 modules Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. All aspects of the speaking interview are also covered with tips on how to approach the examiner’s questions. Candidates taking this course will also get their writing Tasks checked and Marked with a Band score assigned personally by Nadeem Basam`s trained IELTS Mentor, Mr. Farrukh. Duration of this course is 1-week (Monday to Friday). The fee is Rs. 7,000. Timings and dates will be confirmed at the time of registration.

IELTS FAST-TRACK™ 2-Weeks: Rs. 5,000

This 2-week IELTS course is very popular amongst professionals with a busy schedule or students who do not have enough time for preparation to achieve IELTS band 7+ quickly and effectively. Candidates will be taught strategies and skills they need to dramatically improve their band score. The fee for this Fast-Track Course is Rs. 7,000. Classes run Monday to Friday.

IELTS Express 3,000/- Per Module

This course is for candidates who have not been able to achieve their desired Band score in previous attempt(s). These candidates can enrol in any one or more than one modules, but do not want to go through the whole IELTS preparation course. The fee is Rs. 3,000/- per module. Timings and dates will be confirmed at the time of registration.